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We are driven, dynamic and constantly striving for excellence.

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A few reasons why Chai might be the right place for you:


We push for failure

We recognize that the best way to grow is to be given a challenge, task or responsibility that stretches you beyond your comfort zone into the productive area of discomfort where you're forced to confront your boundaries. To think, to come up with new solutions, to learn new skills, to ask questions, to attempt things, and ultimately try and fail until you are able to achieve your goal.

We push for failure, Chai AI careers


Exceptional People

Exceptional people are delightful and it is a delight to work with people who share high standards. People who share a curiosity, who are able to analyze and perceive, and, ultimately, get to the heart of issues. We strive to hire brilliant talent, because working within a dream-team is truly the thrill of a professional lifetime.

Our exceptional talent

  • Christie-Carol Beauchamp, Chai AI careers
  • Tom Lu, Chai AI careers
  • William Beauchamp, Chai AI careers
  • Christie-Carol Beauchamp

    Christie-Carol is the lead engineer for the Chai app. At only 24 years-old, she designs and crafts the experiences that delight over 4 million of our active users. This amount of responsbility is typical of Chai’s culture of giving very talented people new and challenging problems.

  • Tom Lu

    Previously a lead quantitative researcher at Seamless Capital, Tom has a Master's degree in engineering from the University of Cambridge. Alongside his responsibilities at Chai as a senior AI researcher, he is also the product manager for the Chaiverse developer platform.

  • William Beauchamp

    William is the founder of Seamless Capital, a profitable AI-driven hedge fund based in Cambridge, UK. Building on his successes in the world of quantitative trading, he then went on to found Chai Research Corp., with the mission to build the world's most entertaining conversational AI.


Risk takers

The biggest disruptors are those who dare to challenge the status-quo, and dream wildly ambitious goals. We are willing to take the risks that are necessary in order to build something which we fundamentally believe will be tremendously valuable.

We push for failure, Chai AI careers
Career expertise, Chai AI careers

Chai Platform Ecosystem

+500 k

ChatAI Creators

+4 Million

ChatAI Users


Foundational Model Developers

  • +10 trillion parameters deployed
  • +100 billion messages served

We give people challenging goals, together with the freedom and autonomy to achieve them.

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If you want to grow, if you want to work on a team with talented craftsmen, and if you want to take risks building something that's tremendously valuable then you should join Chai.

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