Chai AI

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Chai app free to use?

Chai app is absolutely free to use! By subscribing to the app, you can remove the adverts and have unlimited messages!

Can you delete Chai chats?

Absolutely, users are the owners of their data and are allowed to remove any conversations they have had with different characters.

What does Chai do to keep my data safe?

Chai values user privacy and does not share any user-generated data publicly unless it has been clearly consented to inside the app. Data safety is documented in our EULA (End User License Agreement)

Is the Chai app actually bots?

Yes, all the ChatAI bots on the platform are created by other users and are powered by Chai’s proprietary LLM (Large Language Model). Chai optimizes these ChatAIs to provide a creative, engaging, and human-like experience to all its users.

Who made Chai?

Chai is developed and maintained by Chai Research Corp, and its Founder & CEO is William R.G. Beauchamp. He graduated from the University of Cambridge with an economics degree and has since founded another startup called Seamless Capital, an algorithmic trading firm generating $5M / year in profit.

What sorts of chats can I have on Chai?

Anything you like! User creativity is what fundamentally drives the Chai ecosystem. People use the Chai App mainly for entertainment purposes, experiencing a range of emotions across different ChatAIs (characters). Most users chat with multiple ChatAIs with various personalities. Unlike a lot of other Chat AI platforms, Chai does not censor its users, they believe in making a democratic platform where users are in charge of the directions their ChatAIs take them. As a result, if a user has toggled on NSFW, some adult content may appear within the chat session.

Does Chai AI use their own proprietary model?

Chai has been training and serving their own proprietary models since 2022. By training their models on curated user feedbacks, their in-house models achieve a 68% engagement improvement over GPT3.5. Chai has a consumer-driven research lab with latest research blog posts.

How many users does Chai app have?

Chai reports an average of 4 million monthly active users and 600,000 to 800,000 daily active users, reported as of February 1, 2024. It serves over 100 million conversations per month, equivalent to approximately 1 billion messages exchanged monthly.

What is the message limit on Chai?

Without an active subscription or trial, Chai limits their users to 70 messages every 3 hours. However, they frequently host surveys and competitions, even providing users with unlimited messages over certain weekends!

What is Chaiverse?

Chaiverse is Chai AI’s developer platform, where they allow LLM developers to submit models directly to the Chai ecosystem!

How do I contact Chai for media inquiries?

For media inquiries, please contact

How do I reach out to Chai developers?